Collarless sewage system for building construction.


Casting quality

SML pipe and SML fitting made from cast iron with flake graphite made from EN-GJL-150 cast iron in accordance with DIN 1561.nn

Fire protection

Cast iron products in accordance with standard EN 877 are not inflammable and not combustible.nn

Sound insulation

The high surface weight results in airborne sound insulation of 30 dB(A) (this value is comparable to the ticking of a wristwatch). Values below 30 dB(A) can be achieved by using special fastening technology.nn


Inner coating

SML pipe: Epoxy resin ochre yellow approx. 100-150 µm

SML fitting: Epoxy resin powder coating outside and inside from 100 to 200 µm

Outer coating

SML pipe: Top coat red-brown approx. 80-100 µm epoxy

SML fitting: Epoxy resin powder coating approx. 100-200 µm red-brown. The coatings can be painted over at any time with commercially available paints


In accordance with DIN EN 877

SML pipe: e.g. RSP® SML DN 100 DIN EN 877 + date of production and manufacturing markings

SML fitting: with all markings required by the standard, such as manufacturer, dimensions, standard specification and date of production

Areas of application

SML pipes – the classic amongst cast iron, collarless sewage systems from RSP® comprises a range of more than 240 pipes and fittings. SML has been used in a wide variety of areas for decades. Whether in airport buildings, exhibition halls, office/hotel complexes or residential buildings, the SML system with its outstanding properties reliably performs its services everywhere.

The highest quality

SML pipe and SML fitting from RSP® are characterised by high-quality surfaces with the best drainage properties. The system also impresses with its coating quality, which goes far beyond the standard (e.g. RAL quality). One of the most important properties of SML pipes and SML fittings, their positive behaviour in the event of fire, has been tested and certified by MFPA Leipzig GmbH according to the latest regulations of DIN EN 877/A1, as of January 2010, for the entire RSP® system.

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